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258235: Frank Gifford Autographed Pho..
Sports > Photograph Not For Sale
Owner: xtra-innings
Signed; In Person; Authentic (In-Person); No Sign Date
Frank Gifford Au..
Frank Gifford autographed 8x10 photo

257489: Jessica Gomes
Fashion > Photograph Not For Sale
Owner: Rango
Signed; In Person; Authentic (Certified/COA); No Sign Date
Jessica Gomes

259473: Mike James
Basketball > Trading Card Not For Sale
Owner: Gary Cowley
Signed; In Person; Authentic (In-Person); 2015-04-11
Mike James

255506: Lori Petty - ROMLB Baseball
Baseball > Ball Not For Sale
Owner: TheRealBigMike9
Inscribed & Signed; In Person; Authentic (Certified/COA); 2015-01-24
Lori Petty - ROM..
Lori Petty signed ROMLB baseball with "Kit #23" & "A League of Their Own" inscriptions. Signed during The Hollywood Show at the LAX Westin Hotel - Los Angeles, CA Pen Used: Blue Ball Point Pen (med) PSA# Y23208

257473: Ken Osmond (Eddie Haskell fro..
Television > Photograph Not For Sale
Owner: JCull77
Inscribed & Signed; Through the Mail; Authentic (Definitely); 2015-03-05
Ken Osmond (Eddi..
I love one of a kind items, and unless someone takes my idea and duplicates it this is a one of a kind item. The photo itself is very common except it's usually black and white and although some black and white photos are stunning I prefer color, so I colorized it. It's something I have a skill in ..
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