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Terry Fator

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Terry Fator (1965~)

[ Entertainment >Comedian; Singer; Writer]
Through the Mail
Authentic (Definitely)
Terry Fator Winner of America's Got Talent (2007) known for appearance/starring in Terry Fator: Live from Las Vegas (2009),Larry the Cable Guy's Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza (2008),Dumbstruck (2010), and New Year's Eve Live! (2010).You can go see him at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas,Nevada.NOTE:I say that is autograph is real because I got it at the Terry Fator Website they were giving them out free autographs for limited time the deal is no longer available.Also people who see this I would say to you to go see at Las Vegas,Nevada Terry Fator is a Ventriloquist it is just a great show it has comedy and singing he does singing impressions of Roy Obison,Louis Armstong,The BEE GEES,Sonny & Cher,Gnarls Barkley,Etta James,The Beatles,Marvin Gaye,Michael Jackson and more.
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