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Owner: Clayton
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Mother Teresa (1910~1997)

[Religion>Humanitarian; Nobel Winner ]
Authentic (Probably)
Many people are surprised when they hear I have Mother Teresa’s autograph, but yes it’s true – and authentic! When my hobby started getting press in 2002 already (and when I only had around 250 autographs to brag about), I met up with Shaun Classed – a fellow philographer (autograph collector) in Port Elizabeth – who’d also been collecting for over 20 years. He’d started his collection in the ‘70s when some of the world’s biggest stars were prone to replying to fan mail easily. Mother Teresa, although not considered as a celeb to many, had also responded to fan mail and over the years Mother Teresa and Shaun and became pen friends. With a dozen of Mother Teresa autographs, letters and other correspondence in his possession, Shaun was kind enough to give me one of his spares as a birthday present. The value of this autograph runs into the thousands and because of her death in 1997, it’s a rare item to have in anyone’s collection.
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